A Fortune 500 resource that calls small-town America home.

Laser Light Technologies is proud to have world-class engineers from around the globe on staff, yet we’re still true to our roots. All Laser Light manufacturing is done in the United States at our 30,000 square foot facility in Hermann, Missouri. You’ll find our building just minutes from downtown Hermann, overlooking the Missouri River.

Our prime, central United States location is scenic and convenient for clients, but it hasn’t always been home. Laser Light was founded in California by former president Phyllis Hannan. Her son, Frank Hannan, owns and leads the company today. He has evolved what was originally a small family business into widely a respected firm specializing in precision laser micromachining services and systems.

Today, Laser Light is a critical supplier to Fortune 500 companies who have been clients for decades. We’ve earned our reputation for being a highly responsive solutions provider over more than 30 years of service. From every email we answer to every quality check we perform to every part we ship, we’re focused on your needs. You’ll appreciate it every day.


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