Our Vision

Improving lives and enhancing laser science

Our Mission

Our mission at Laser Light is centered on two points:

Improving lives

Through open/positive actions and the network of interactions, we are focused and committed to improving the lives of both internal and external stakeholders.

Enhancing laser science

Through innovative thinking, continuous learning, and evolving practices, we are focused and committed to enhancing laser science that enables advanced application of micromanufacturing and design to better serve our customers/partners.

Our values

Our values are grounded on our beliefs, validated by our actions, and demonstrated by our results.

Trust must be assured between all employees if we are to succeed.

Respect each other and appreciate the unique set of skills each has to offer.

Empower people to work together for everyone’s benefit.

Consider what is ethically correct for our people, planet and society as a whole when making decisions.

Demonstrate openness, fairness, integrity, and responsiveness when interacting with customers and peers.

Grow personally and professionally creating opportunities for mutual success.