How do you know if systems integration or contract manufacturing best meets your needs?

In the world of manufacturing, the ability to maintain quality and on-time delivery is key to staying competitive and profitable. While these are all common goals manufacturers strive to obtain, getting there can lead down two very distinct paths: in-house manufacturing (through systems integration) or contract manufacturing (also known as outsourcing). For Covance, a division … Continued

Design facilitation: the best idea for making your great idea succeed

Congratulations. You have an idea for a breakthrough part that is needed during surgery. Or maybe your company has considered developing a vital component for the aeronautics industry.You may even be at the initial stage of creating a part desperately needed in disease research that could possibly lead to new cures. That’s the good news. But if your … Continued

The most important thing we make is a difference for your project. And our updated brand reflects this competitive difference.

In marketing speak it’s called ‘rebranding.’ This is where a company proactively changes their brand to better reflect a new or existing service or expansion into a new market category. On the flip side, rebranding can be a reactive move to regain market share from competitive influencers. The outcome from the actual rebrand could be … Continued