Femtosecond Lasers Cut Incredibly Fine Features with Submicron Accuracy

As products and components in the medical, life sciences, and microelectronics industries become miniaturized and more complex, with the need for extremely tight tolerances, manufacturers increasingly turn to femtosecond lasers for their micromachining needs. In fact, some features can only be cut with femtosecond lasers, which expands design options for engineers and designers. Features can … Continued

Laser Wire Stripping Is Ideal for Removing Insulation or Shielding

Wire stripping removes sections of insulation or shielding from wires and cables to provide electrical contact points for termination. Conventional wire-stripping methods make contact with the conductor and can create nicks or otherwise damage the wire, slow down processing speed, or lead to inconsistent quality and rework. In contrast, laser wire stripping is a much … Continued

Laser Cutting: One of the Most Critical Steps in Micromanufacturing

Laser cutting is ideal for manufacturing and other industrial applications that call for a powerful cutting tool that also performs with a high level of accuracy. As products become smaller, with more functionality, complexity, and tight tolerances, laser cutting and laser machining are often the only methods that can produce the high-precision features these devices … Continued

A Year to Remember

2020 has been quite a year for manufacturing companies. Manufacturers have had to deal with trade wars, supply chain disruptions, and COVID-19, with uncertainty being the only constant. In tough times it is critical to have rock-solid partners that are willing to help, adapt, and share, with a “we’re in this together” attitude, to get … Continued

Technical Aspects of Laser-Micromachining High-Precision Medical Catheters

Matthew Nipper, PhD, Director of Engineering As medical catheters become smaller and more complex, with added functionality, they become more challenging to laser-machine. OEMs increasingly require laser technologies that can drill micron-sized features in a range of materials, including ceramics, glass, metals and alloys, polymers, and semiconductors with tight, single-micron tolerances. Polymers are especially popular for medical catheters because they are … Continued

Meet CEO Frank Hannan

A native Californian, Frank Hannan grew up in Glendale. After receiving a business degree from the University of Missouri and an MBA from the University of Liverpool in England, he joined Laser Light Technologies in 1996, a company founded by his mother, Phyllis. “My mother was a highly determined and passionate business person,” says Frank. “She … Continued

Committed to Quality

Unsurpassed quality is what manufacturers want the most. Yes, they also demand lower costs and faster speed to market from their contract manufacturers, and assistance with product design, but the top-ranked requirement is always quality. This is especially true as products get smaller and more complex, or are mission-critical or health-critical, where lives are on … Continued

Meet Laser Light Technologies

Our values carry us beyond “just business” to how we interact with our stakeholders, our communities, and each other. We strive to improve the quality of life for others by using our knowledge to enhance laser science. Through innovative thinking, continuous learning, and evolving practices, we discover new ways to better serve our partners and … Continued

Lasers and Medical Tubing

Laser Processing Methods Laser services for medical tubing include high-precision laser cutting and drilling, with micron-level tolerances. We produce micron-scale complex features in a variety of materials and patterns, with no heat effects or material damage. Also in high demand are laser ablation and coating removal. These custom ablation processes selectively remove layers of substrate … Continued

Laser Micromachining Is a Key Process in Medical Balloon Manufacturing

Medical balloons are critical medical devices that require the highest manufacturing precision and quality. Balloon catheters, for example, enable a wide variety of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, including stent delivery, dilating vessels, and clearing blockages. Medical balloons continue to get smaller to meet the needs of minimally invasive medical procedures, but they must also be … Continued