As a Critical Laser Manufacturing Company, We Help Fight COVID-19

With the COVID-19 pandemic, these are, of course, extraordinary times.

COVID-19 has certainly tested our abilities as a nation to function, provide essential supplies and products, and keep the economy going.

Americans—as friends, neighbors, co-workers—have found ways to adapt and support each other. This is also true of manufacturing companies.

As a supplier of mission-critical parts and products that are used to fight COVID-19 and save lives, Laser Light is dedicated to supporting and protecting healthcare workers on the front line.

We have created new ways to operate our manufacturing processes efficiently and safely and still protect each other and our customers. Laser Light continues to manufacture parts for our customers, some of whom make vital medical equipment that helps COVID-19 victims. Our advanced manufacturing technologies also allow us to conduct research and development, prototype new designs and customize new products—all of which facilitate rapid design and production when new products need to be launched quickly.

Staying Safe

To be an effective critical supplier, we must be able to keep producing vital parts and be able to ramp up production when needed. In order to do this, our workers must be healthy and safe. To date, no workers have been infected with COVID-19. Employees who can be effective at home now work remotely full-time. Comprehensive quarantine measures are in place should any employee test positive for COVID-19. Also, as per CDC guidelines, should a worker fall ill to COVID-19, all areas used by that employee will be closed off; after waiting 24 hours or longer, the facility will be cleaned and disinfected.

Meeting Critical Needs

A global medical equipment manufacturer and Laser Light customer is providing bags for COVID-19 vaccine testing to three different pharmaceutical companies. Laser Light manufactures the sparge disks that are an essential part of the vaccine bags. Our lasers drill dense arrays of tiny holes in these filters. Great care must be taken to minimize heat effects—even the slightest melting of the thermoplastic material can block holes. The parts are drilled and packaged in Laser Light’s Class-5 cleanroom before shipping. The custom-designed inventory management system we created allows us to manage inventory for the client, so it can focus on making critical medical supplies.

In late March Laser Light Technologies donated 1,000 face masks to the Hermann (Missouri) Area District Hospital that serves our region. Laser Light operators are required to wear face masks for clean-room manufacturing and assembly and, fortunately, we had extra masks in our inventory to share with our local medical workers.

Laser Light will continue to support frontline healthcare workers with our laser technology and manufacturing processes by collaborating with our medical-design partners to produce essential products for fighting COVID-19. We will also continue our efforts to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) and other vital supplies to our communities.