Employee Spotlight: Selfless acts do not go unnoticed.

We’d like to introduce you to Mary, a Laser Light Technologies employee who, after over two decades, has decided to retire at the end of this fiscal year. In 1995, Mary started Laser Light Technologies as a Laser Operator. In these last 22 years, Mary has left a lasting impression and selflessly given back to the company.

When Mary announced that she was retiring, the company took this as an opportunity to give back to her. Employees were told to meet for a company huddle where Mary was surprised with an early retirement gift. Together, everyone walked outside into the parking lot where a fuchsia Dodge Challenger was parked. The company then unveiled to Mary her new dream car. Those who know Mary, know that she is selfless and most deserving of a great retirement.

Frank Hannan, CEO of Laser Light Technologies described Mary’s acts as “selfless” because she works off-hour shifts, comes in on weekends, fills in for other colleagues, and does all of this without any complaints. She is an, “inspiration and a leader” who “exemplifies every one of our core values”, he continued. The acronym for the Laser Light Technologies core values is GREATER (Grow, Respect, Empower, Accountability, Trust, Execute, Respond). Mary is by far a great employee who has been instrumental in building the strong foundation for this organization.

Over the years, Mary said she has seen many changes at Laser Light Technologies. Laser Light Technologies was founded over 30 years ago by former President, Phyllis Hannan. Mary has been an employee for 22 of the 33 years the business has been operating. She has watched the company grow to keep up with industry demand, new employees, and advancing technologies. In the 1990s, she explained that there were only 3 lasers and the business operated as a laser job shop. Today there are 20 lasers consisting of 6 different types. With new lasers and high-tech technologies, Laser Light Technologies has grown to specialize in micromachining services and systems. Mary said that the changes implemented throughout the years has made the company evolve to a leading laser-based contract manufacturing and engineering firm.

One of the major changes since Mary started Laser Light Technologies is the assigned responsibilities and processes followed by Laser Operators. Mary said that she would operate the machinery, clean parts, and complete quality check all on her own. There were only a few Laser Operators in the beginning, so an individual was responsible for managing multiple stations. Today, there are different stations and several people who perform the different tasks, improving both efficiency and quality.

Through all of this change, there has always been one constant. The great people. Mary explained that even though she is retiring, she still wants to come back as needed because this is more than a job to her. This means that if we ever need Mary when we get busy, she will be willing to come back in. That’s really generous of her. Unfortunately, the company will probably be looking for another individual to hire now that Mary is gone. She will not be forgotten, but workload means that we do have to hire someone else. When applications open, people should send across their resumes. Those who don’t have a resume could consider visiting https://www.arcresumes.com/local/minnesota/ to ensure their resume is high-quality and easy to read. It’s so important that people show off their previous experience when applying for this role, so make sure to make the resume clear and effective.

Laser Light Technologies is Mary’s home where colleagues are considered close friends and family. Frank Hannan said, “Just because you are retiring does not mean you are forgotten.” Mary, we could never forget you.

Your LLTI family wish you a great retirement as you cruise around in your new car. We do hope you come back to visit us!