Meet Laser Light Technologies

B2B—business to business—is a big driver of the global economy. Investment in the latest digital technologies allows Laser Light to serve customers anywhere in the world—including just down the road in our hometown of Hermann, Missouri (population 2,400), overlooking the scenic and historic Missouri River.

Photo Credit: Mike Langille of www.thisishermann.com

We are a Fortune-500 resource that calls small-town America home. Since we established the company as a small family business 30 years ago, we have steadily grown into a critical supplier for leading companies that expect the absolute best in laser manufacturing and innovative product development. And, although we are proud of our technical expertise, and love to turn our clients’ challenging designs into successful products, we are equally proud of the values that guide us as a company.

Our Vision

Perhaps you know us from the projects we have completed for you, or our exceptional reputation in the laser world for manufacturing high-precision products. Unparalleled responsiveness, exceptional product quality, and guaranteed performance matter and we do our best to assure an outstanding and on-time customer experience.

Our values carry us beyond “just business” to how we interact with our stakeholders, our communities, and each other. We strive to improve the quality of life for others by using our knowledge to enhance laser science. Through innovative thinking, continuous learning, and evolving practices, we discover new ways to better serve our partners and customers.

With the speed of business being a top priority today, it is just plain harder to get to know the personal side of a manufacturer, supplier, or customer.

For Laser Light, we would like you to know that it’s not just about the bottom line. How we achieve success matters to us. The following GREAT values are deeply grounded by our beliefs, validated by our actions, and demonstrated by our results:

  • Grow morally and professionally
  • Respect each other, our clients, and our business
  • Empower personal and professional success with a healthy work/life balance
  • Accountability to yourself and the team
  • Trust is a must to sustain long-term, prosperous relationships 

These principles enable us to develop long-term, sustainable customer partnerships and meaningful and challenging careers for our employees.

Honoring Our Workforce

Laser Light is completely transparent and open with our employees about business decisions and encourage personal growth and development. We are a team at all levels—as such, employees deserve to know about company operations and share in the financial successes. We openly share this information with all employees through open-book management, plus related bonus programs offered throughout the year.

Employees enjoy participating in The Great Game of Business, where they help meet personal goals established in this ongoing incentive program. It’s a fun, challenging, and effective way to get inspired, stay focused, and share successes at work, which build deeper work relationships, team dynamics, and friendships.

“I have gained valuable knowledge through this program—not only about how a business makes a profit, but also how each individual person can have an impact on the bottom line,” says customer account specialist Shawna Dare. “I am more educated on how the finances of our business work and how the decisions we make impact our profitability.”

“It also develops trust and a feeling of togetherness to move the business to our common goal, which is to be successful and add value to our customers,” adds Jared Cotton, senior laser technician.

Such knowledge and goal-setting has been helpful in facing the challenges of COVID-19.

To protect employees and customers during these extraordinary times, Laser Light employees have used these skills to find new ways to adapt and support each other. We have created new ways to operate our manufacturing processes efficiently and safely. Thanks to these and other measures, including social distancing, workflow changes, personal protective equipment, and remote working, no Laser Light employee has tested positive for COVID-19.

Our GREAT values are key to our success today, have helped us meet the challenges of COVID-19, and prepared us for the future. Our teams of engineers, technicians, and operators are not locked into siloes and support each other through cross-disciplinary engagement. We respect each other’s skills, insights, and contributions. Everyone is enabled to contribute ideas or voice concerns. Such unwavering dedication to quality and teamwork helps us not only deliver maximum value to our customers, but to each other as well.