The most important thing we make is a difference for your project. And our updated brand reflects this competitive difference.

In marketing speak it’s called ‘rebranding.’ This is where a company proactively changes its brand to better reflect a new or existing service or expansion into a new market category. On the flip side, rebranding can be a reactive move to regain market share from competitive influencers. The outcome from the actual rebrand could be just a name change or a complete overhaul of the company identity. Companies who want to achieve this will contact brand services like Liquid Creativity, and from their reviews, it will show what they can do for those seeking help. As always, research is recommended in this instance and finding the best company for them is a priority.

Think of a rebrand as a facelift. You’re basically trying to present clients and prospects with a more accurate reflection on the outside of who you truly are inside. A great example is how Target went from a low-brow discount retailer to rebranding itself to the yuppie targets and becoming the second-largest retailer in America. Apple is a company that, as it captured market share with a breakthrough communications technology and design, it’s logo and brand evolved to reflect this growth.

This is where our Laser Light Technologies rebranding story begins:

The core focus at Laser Light Technologies hasn’t changed in 30 years. In fact, from day one our company has utilized high-technology laser micromachining and world-class engineers to solve the most complex manufacturing problems. As our clients’ manufacturing challenges changed and became more complex, our capabilities, laser systems, and technology expanded to meet these demands.

In industry circles we had become known as a high-tech laser-based contract manufacturing and engineering firm with a reputation for being a highly responsive solutions provider for clients. We grew to have high-technology laser systems, superior clean room capabilities, FDA regulation expertise, design facilitation services, CMM inspection capabilities and, of course, the ability to micromachine practically any material – yes, we were keeping pace with the needs of our clients, but our brand didn’t reflect it.

Elevating our brand to where we are today.

So, we tossed our old brand and started from scratch. The brand transformation didn’t happen overnight. Or even in a few months. Hardly. It took over a year filled with meetings, focus groups, and long nights to get where we wanted our brand to be.

The outcome of our efforts is seen in a new logo that has a laser precision feel and color. We now have a website with messaging and photography to accurately reflect our industry-leading professionalism, best practices, and proven experience. Even our business cards are made to reflect the brand value we carry. In this regard, for anyone who is looking out for options, for printing their business cards, the Las Vegas business cards format and similar others, seem to be ideal. The business card we have now tends to be working well in promoting our product. Everything we do today to get our message out accurately reflects our precision thinking solutions for leading companies specializing in medical technology, MEMS, aerospace, and defense industries.

This might be the end of this blog, but it’s just another chapter in the Laser Light story of helping clients achieve project success. We hope you take a moment to visit to see what we can do to take your next project from the idea phase, through R&D, manufacturing, and in to real-world implementation.