Flexible resources combined with uncompromising standards

Laser-based, precision contract manufacturing: this is what Laser Light Technologies has offered for decades, and it shows. Our laser drilling, laser cutting, laser ablation and wire stripping capabilities are supremely adaptable but our stance on service is unyielding. We have a clearly defined approach to working with customers, and it requires a firm commitment to micromanufacturing precision, collaborative partnerships and optimal results. We’re focused on your success.

Laser Drilling

Laser drilling is the only possible way to manufacture today’s advanced parts with microscopic features. Laser Light’s expertise in this area is leading edge, and includes broad experience drilling micron-sized holes in materials including metals, polymers, and ceramics.

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Laser Cutting

Take full advantage of all that precision laser cutting processes can offer to your project, with Laser Light’s collaborative process and time-tested expertise. We can meet exacting industry standards for cutting parts to size, creating smoother edges, and creation of intricate shapes.

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Laser Ablation

Laser ablation achieves a wide range of specialized micromanufacturing goals, by selectively removing layers of substrate or a coating from the surface of manufactured parts. We start with a test of your material, so our recommendations are specific to your project and our quote is as accurate as possible.

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Wire Stripping

Wire stripping removes sections of insulation or shielding from wires and cables to provide electrical contact points and make the wire ready for termination. We can process 99% of all insulation types – common materials are fluoropolymers, polyimide, nylon, polyethylene, and silicone coatings.

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Medical Balloon Laser Processing

Medical balloons are critical devices that require the highest manufacturing precision and quality. Lasers play a critical role in creating detailed, high-precision balloon features with no thermal damage to the surrounding material.

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