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The tolerances in micro manufacturing are so small there’s no room for error. That’s why we utilize one of the nation’s largest selections of laser machining systems, capable of producing the quality you require for your project. Before production ever begins on your part, we first test samples of your material to ensure manufacturability and that we are meeting your exact requirements. The variety of services and capabilities Laser Light Technologies offers throughout every step in our process gives us the flexibility needed for your unique project.

Laser Drilling

We understand your needs for a perfectly micromachined part. Our laser drilling capabilities deliver single micron tolerances that would be impossible with conventional machining techniques. Our vast and growing array of lasers empower us to deliver solutions for a wide variety of materials, and our clean machining processes are ideal for medical parts.

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Laser Cutting

Our laser cutting capabilities deliver clean edges and micron-level features. Whether you require a larger working area or more stringent tolerances for your application, our experienced engineering and technical staff will develop a solution to fit your requirements and specifications.

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Laser Ablation, Coating Removal

At Laser Light Technologies, we specialize in laser ablation and coating removal. Selective laser ablation or patterning of coating on a substrate material allows for a wide range of combinations of materials with different physical properties.

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