Inventory Management and Supply Chain Management

Our customized management of parts and materials for our clients allows them to focus on what they do best—build products

Manufacturers want shorter supply chains, preferably with experienced partners that provide a wide range of expert capabilities and services, all under one roof—thereby shortening the supply chain, reducing risk, improving communication and decision making, and getting products to market faster, all at lower cost.

In the age of Covid-19, trade wars, and unsettled global supply chains, it is even better to have partners that are technologically advanced and located in the U.S.

Laser Light Technologies is one of those partners.

We provide multiple services for our clients, including customized on-site inventory management and supply chain management.

We act as the single point of contact for managing downstream vendors, which reduces lead times and costs. This gives our clients the freedom and security to focus more on their core operations, with confidence, knowing their inventory and supply chain needs are being met by experts who know and understand their business. Having a highly efficient, responsive, and transparent supply chain is especially important today as manufacturers move toward Industry 4.0 and just-in-time manufacturing and inventory.

Supply Chain/Inventory Management Benefits

Laser Light provides quick turnaround and high flexibility from reliable, proven sources, many of them domestic. All vendors are vetted for experience, certifications, and quality systems. Periodic evaluation of suppliers through supplier scoring based on quality, communication, and delivery help us maintain our high quality standards. We also offer both onsite and remote audits of the suppliers to ensure compliance to ISO standards and other regulatory requirements from the customer.

Other benefits are:

    • Our customized management systems give clients the ability to react quickly to their customers’ needs at an exceptional level. We provide materials, parts, and technical expertise as needed to aid the decision-making process, without extending lead times.
    • Laser Light helps reduce customer’s operational costs—we can negotiate the best deals and prices and provide in-stock or just-in-time inventory methods, with no downtime or delays, and streamline the entire procurement process in real time.
    • Clients have the ability to quickly scale operations up or down, depending on market factors or customer needs, without suffering supply chain delays or other issues.
    • Our digital inventory and supply chain management systems track parts and products in real time, providing traceability and product visibility (especially valuable in the event of a recall). We use detailed inventory metrics and analytics to improve these systems even more, reducing costs to the customer.


Higher Efficiency, Lower Costs

Having ready access to materials and components is a key part of being able to scale up production quickly, or to meet shorter customer lead times. It is essential to have a responsive inventory and supply chain management system that meets changing production needs in the fastest and most cost-effective way. Our agile management systems allow customers to respond quickly to sales volume fluctuations, new business opportunities, or economic variances, in ways that do not stress or disrupt scheduling and delivery.

For example, when demand for a customer’s part grew over 500 percent, Laser Light ramped up production to meet these high-volume needs without missing a single delivery—an accomplishment that could only have been achieved with a robust and customized inventory and supply chain management system.

In another example, a global biotech company partnered with Laser Light Technologies to drill dense arrays of holes in thousands of filters for bioprocessing containers, a project that also required meeting some challenging production timelines. The parts were drilled and packaged in Laser Light’s ISO Class 7 clean room enclosure before shipping. Our inventory and supply chain management systems helped us achieve 100% on-time delivery with this manufacturer over the last 12 months and we continue to make system improvements that speed up production and reduce costs.

“Laser Light provides quick turnaround and high flexibility and is very willing to partner with our engineering team to help design innovative new products,” says a company spokesperson. “Our partnership allows us to react quickly to our customer’s needs at an exceptional level. Laser Light’s on-site inventory management system is custom-designed for our needs and helps reduce our operational costs.”

Having modern, customizable inventory and supply chain management systems in place is essential for achieving higher levels of manufacturing efficiency, greater throughput, and lower costs. Once they experience the benefits of our management systems (for example, zero nonconformities and impeccable on-time delivery), customers often reduce the number of standard audits and check-ins they conduct.

These experiences and others have led one Fortune 500 OEM client to select Laser Light Technologies from the hundreds of companies within its complex supply chain to receive its Supplier of the Year Award two years in a row (2018 and 2019) for its “exceptional responsiveness, communication, and meeting our company’s commitments.”