Our Vision

To improve the lives of our stakeholders and community through the application of laser technology.

Our Mission

Our mission at Laser Light is centered on two points:

Improving lives

Through open/positive actions and the network of interactions, we are focused and committed to improving the lives of both internal and external stakeholders.

Enhancing laser science

Through innovative thinking, continuous learning, and evolving practices, we are focused and committed to enhancing laser science that enables advanced application of micromanufacturing and design to better serve our customers/partners.

Our Values

Our values are grounded on our beliefs, validated by our actions, and demonstrated by our results.

Grow personally and professionally creating opportunities for mutual success.

Respect each other and appreciate the unique set of skills each has to offer.

Empower people to work together for everyone’s benefit.

Accountability to yourself and the team is necessary to grow professionally and personally.

Trust must be assured between all employees if we are to succeed.

Execute what is ethically correct for our people, planet and society as a whole when making decisions.

Respond with openness, fairness, and integrity when interacting with customers and peer.

Quality Policy

We provide the highest quality service and an exceptional customer experience through commitment to comply with all requirements, continual improvement and validation to maintain the effectiveness of our Quality Management System.

Your project success is backed by our experienced engineers, advanced laser systems and ISO certification.

Laser Light is both ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified. This helps ensure our micromachining capabilities meet your expectations for quality, precision and performance.

ISO 9001:2015 ISO 13485:2016

Arch Angels
Arch Grants
Capital Factory
Center for Emerging Technologies (CET)
Columbia Area Career Center (CACC)
Indian Hills Community College (IHCC) Laser and Electro-Optic Technology Program
International Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE)
ITEN (IT Entrepreneur Network)
Laser Institute of America (LIA)
Midwest Photonics Education Center (MPEC)
National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE)
The Optical Society (OSA)
St. Louis Economic Development Partnership

Laser Light Technologies is committed to helping employees be their happiest, best selves. Our benefits reflect this with perks that go beyond what’s standard. We understand the value of personal health and offer a program to support wellness. We appreciate the burden of student loans and offer some options that provide relief. Benefits like these and more are our way of showing how much we value your individual contribution to the firm’s overall success.

We’re proud to offer the benefits package described here to all full-time Laser Light Technologies employees.

Financial Benefits

401 (k) Savings – Automatic payroll deductions make it easy to accumulate savings that supplement other retirement benefits. We match a percentage of your contributions too, as long as you’re eligible and participating.

Monthly Bonuses – When Laser Light Technologies succeeds as a company, it’s because we all made an effort. For this reason, we offer monthly bonuses to all eligible full-time employees when monthly goals are met.

Educational Benefits

Educational Reimbursements – This program helps pay for courses you’re currently taking. Amounts are based on company eligibility requirements and business approval. Please be aware that you cannot get educational reimbursements and student loan repayment at the same time.

Student Loan Repayment – Pay down student loans with our help. Employees with advanced degrees get more generous support. Please be aware that this help is taxable income and you cannot get help with student loan repayment and educational reimbursements at the same time.

Health Benefits

Insurance Plans – Enroll in every insurance option or pick and choose those that fit your needs best. We offer dental, group health, group life, long-term disability, short-term disability, and vision insurance plans.

Wellness Program – Participate in this program to enhance your personal health. Support includes goal-setting for a healthier lifestyle, access to health coaches, and wellness challenges. Your privacy is protected by our third-party wellness provider.

Workplace Benefits

Open Book Management – As an employee, you deserve to know about company operations and to share in financial successes. We openly share this information with all employees, plus related bonus programs are offered throughout the year.

Paid Time Off – Take a break from work for holiday celebrations, a family or beach vacation, or to rest up when you’re sick. Each year, you’ll get a new allotment of days that are paid, even when you’re out of the office.

The Great Game of Business – Employees earn rewards for helping to meet the goals set in this ongoing “mini games” incentive program. It’s a fun way to get inspired, stay focused, and share successes with your team at work.

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A Fortune 500 resource that calls small-town America home.

Laser Light Technologies is proud to have world-class engineers from around the globe on staff, yet we’re still true to our roots. All Laser Light manufacturing is done in the United States at our 30,000 square foot facility in Hermann, Missouri. You’ll find our building just minutes from downtown Hermann, overlooking the Missouri River.

Our prime, central United States location is scenic and convenient for clients, but it hasn’t always been home. Laser Light was founded in California by former president Phyllis Hannan. Her son, Frank Hannan, owns and leads the company today. He has evolved what was originally a small family business into widely a respected firm specializing in precision laser micromachining services and systems.

Today, Laser Light is a critical supplier to Fortune 500 companies who have been clients for decades. We’ve earned our reputation for being a highly responsive solutions provider over more than 30 years of service. From every email we answer to every quality check we perform to every part we ship, we’re focused on your needs. You’ll appreciate it every day.