Your smallest project details need to be perfect. We understand.

Laser Light Technologies is an established, expert resource for parts with machined features as small as 3 microns in size. Although the parts we produce are small, our impact on microelectronic projects is big. We bring top engineering minds together with world-class laser micromachining systems to deliver precisely what you need, when you need it.

Our focus and dedication make us a resource for many microelectronic companies, including those in the Fortune 500. These customers trust our laser ablation, cutting and drilling processes to deliver against exacting project requirements. You can trust us too. Give us the opportunity to help create a sizable difference in your success. When we deliver, it’ll be a success for us too.

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Laser Light Technologies will work closely with your team to design a micromanufacturing process that enables efficient production and design innovation. If you don’t see your specific need in the list here, please contact us to explore how our capabilities can contribute to your project.

Laser Light microelectronics applications include:

  • Laser drilling of inkjet printer orifice plates
  • Laser micro via drilling to create components
  • Removal of metal coating from 2 sides of a polymer-based film

Case Study

Creating Time-Tested Relationships

Our approach to on-time delivery and reliable quality launched a 20-year partnership with a Fortune 500 company. When our client asked for laser-drilled industrial print-head components, we created a new plan to address quality and delivery problems they had with an old supplier. We offered R&D phase guidance, an investment in dedicated laser systems, and custom inventory controls to guarantee just-in-time delivery. Our working relationship with this client is still strong today. We earned their Supplier of the Year award two years in a row, for 2018 and 2019.

The world of medical device manufacturing has changed in many ways over the past few decades, and a lot of those changes are due to the use of lasers. The 21st century is seeing the advent of microdevices that require all new methods of production, requiring a high level of precision. Lasers are the future when it comes to making perfect cuts that leave no debris on the medical device or part being produced. It’s an efficient, cost-effective way to manufacture these devices that are so important for proper medical care.

We use several methods in our laser manufacturing to ensure a high-quality product. Medical device identification is important, and while this is an add-on service, our expert technicians can use lasers to laser mark serial numbers or other identifying marks on the devices for quality assurance. Our company also offers laser cutting systems for a sterile production method.

Laser manufacturing services have streamlined the process of medical device manufacturing — and that, in turn, has lowered production costs while driving quality ever higher. We provide a top of the line product faster and more cost effective, and we are always looking at new technologies for ways to make further improvements to the production process.

Your project requires flexibility and precision. We deliver.

Bring Laser Light Technologies your challenges. Our specialty is laser micromachining, which we use to manufacture microscopic components for Fortune 500 companies. We have the expertise and equipment to deliver the highest precision and performance in a wide variety of materials.

Whether your project calls for laser ablation, cutting or drilling, you can trust we’ll match it with world-class engineers and high-performance laser systems.

In addition to supplying established products, Laser Light continues to break new ground, from developing innovative medical device products to meeting needs for greater speed, quality, or economy. Please reach out to learn more about our laser micromachining services, collaborative approach, and commitment to high standards.

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Laser Light Technologies has experience micromachining parts for a diverse range of medical devices. We’ve provided a list with some examples below, but it is by no means exhaustive. If you don’t see your specific application, please contact us to explore how our capabilities can contribute to your project.

Laser Light medical device applications include:

  • Drilling for embolic filters in various device types
  • Drilling flow holes for oxygen regulators
  • Drilling orifices in injection-molded, disposable parts
  • Cutting plastic film shapes for device components

Case Studies

Improving Profits with Automation

Traditional methods of processing intravenous line valves were pushing up costs and threatening the product’s market viability for a medical component provider. Laser Light’s business-winning solution was to replace extensive handling and laborious machining with an automated system and an innovative, beam-splitting process. This enabled delivery of parts at a more competitive price point that improved profit margins for the customer.

Integrating Robotics for Efficiency

Thanks to the integration of a collaborative robotic arm, manufacturing life-saving medical devices has never been more efficient. The process, which once required several work cells and multiple laser operators, can now be done at Laser Light with a single work cell and one laser operator. This upgrade frees operators from repetitive tasks so they can focus on more fulfilling work. It also reduces manufacturing costs to increase profit margins for our customers.

Your ideas for better medicine are in good hands. We promise.

At Laser Light Technologies, we’re tireless problem-solvers unwilling to compromise on performance or precision. Our collaborative, adaptable approach to micromachining processes has delivered a wide variety of solutions for biotechnology, genomics, genetics, and biopolymer development.

Manufacturing products with micron-level features are just part of a regular workday for us at Laser Light. Our client roster includes Fortune 500 companies and we specialize in micromachining parts with features as small as 3 microns in size. This leaves no room for error. Fortunately, Laser Light’s world-class laser ablation, cutting and drilling systems are designed to give our engineers the capabilities to deliver exactly what you need. Our success comes from creating success for you.

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Our engineers will work with your team to develop an ideal micromachining process based on your unique specifications for quality, compliance and speed. If you don’t see your application in the list here, please contact us to explore how our capabilities can enhance your project.

Laser Light life sciences applications include:

  • Drilling in polyethylene laminate discs
  • Micro holes and portals for wire routing in delivery catheters
  • Micropore arrays in flat sheets for cardiovascular embolic filters
  • Hole drilling for peripheral vascular drug delivery catheters
  • Hole drilling for optical biosensors used for in-vitro diagnostics
  • Creating profiles for “balloon” embolic protection devices
  • Trimming catheters to length for a variety of uses
  • Creating window openings for sensors in glucose monitors
  • Trimming diabetic glucose monitor sensors to length
  • Cutting flow cell channels for in-vitro diagnostic tools
  • 3-dimensional ablating of PEEK for implants
  • Parylene and polyimide removal for catheters and guidewires


Our goal is to be the strongest link in your manufacturing supply chain.

Laser Light Technologies has the specialized expertise you need to succeed, offering precise, customizable processes that enhance your bottom line and your supply chain.

We earned the 2018/19 Supplier of the Year Award from a Fortune 500 client for exceptional delivery, superior quality, responsiveness and continuous improvement. You can count on us too.

We pair leading-edge technology with certified quality control procedures to answer specific needs for clients in a wide range of industries including medical devices, microelectronics and life sciences. Orders of every size are important, from single pieces for proof-of-concept to high-volume production runs. Laser Light is focused on creating success precisely as you define it, no matter what your industry.