Your ideas for better medicine are in good hands. We promise.

At Laser Light Technologies, we’re tireless problem-solvers unwilling to compromise on performance or precision. Our collaborative, adaptable approach to micromachining processes has delivered a wide variety of solutions for biotechnology, genomics, genetics, and biopolymer development.

Manufacturing products with micron-level features are just part of a regular workday for us at Laser Light. Our client roster includes Fortune 500 companies and we specialize in micromachining parts with features as small as 3 microns in size. This leaves no room for error. Fortunately, Laser Light’s world-class laser ablation, cutting and drilling systems are designed to give our engineers the capabilities to deliver exactly what you need. Our success comes from creating success for you.

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Our engineers will work with your team to develop an ideal micromachining process based on your unique specifications for quality, compliance and speed. If you don’t see your application in the list here, please contact us to explore how our capabilities can enhance your project.

Laser Light life sciences applications include:

  • Drilling in polyethylene laminate discs
  • Micro holes and portals for wire routing in delivery catheters
  • Micropore arrays in flat sheets for cardiovascular embolic filters
  • Hole drilling for peripheral vascular drug delivery catheters
  • Hole drilling for optical biosensors used for in-vitro diagnostics
  • Creating profiles for “balloon” embolic protection devices
  • Trimming catheters to length for a variety of uses
  • Creating window openings for sensors in glucose monitors
  • Trimming diabetic glucose monitor sensors to length
  • Cutting flow cell channels for in-vitro diagnostic tools
  • 3-dimensional ablating of PEEK for implants
  • Parylene and polyimide removal for catheters and guidewires