Laser micromanufacturing is the process of cutting, drilling, marking, and welding of material involving micro-parts of minute components. Micromanufacturing uses lasers with wavelengths to create the specific design or product. Used by a variety of industries including automotive, medical, research, and technology, it is used for production of medical devices, production of intricate and complex designs, prototype creation, and research and product development. From a manufacturing perspective, it is used for a variety of purposes including additive manufacturing, CNC machining, and injection molding. Take time to learn about the laser micromanufacturing process and its importance.

Laser Micromanufacturing 101: Everything You Need to Know

Laser micromachining optical slits, pinholes and reticles

Laser micromachining is an efficient way to manufacture light restricting components such as, apertures, optical slits, pinholes and reticles.

UV (355nm) Machining

Laser Light Technologies (LLTI) is proud to announce adding UV YAG laser micromachining systems (wavelength 355nm) to expand the range of offered services to our customers. These systems can be config

Laser Machining of Metallized PVDF Films

This article describes a laser machining technique used by LLTI to pattern speaker electrodes on a roll of PVDF film with copper-nickel coating on both sides of the film.

Laser Metal Coating on Polymer Substrate

Laser micromachining is widely used for patterning thin (thickness less than 0.1um) metal coatings deposited on the surface of thicker polymer substrates. Removal of metal coating is based on photo-th


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