Laser technologies are ideal for applications requiring selective removal of surface material from an underlying substrate. The material to be removed dictates the optimal wavelength, pulse energy, and number of pulses. Laser Light Technologies, Inc. has laser systems with wavelengths from UV to IR, and will find the optimal laser coating removal system for your application.

Selective material removal allows us to pattern virtually any feature into metal coatings on top of polymer, glass, and ceramic substrates. It also enables us to remove polymer coatings from metal surfaces. Laser-based selective material removal is more accurate and environmentally friendly than other, conventional methods. Typical applications include:

  • Patterning electrodes
  • Patterning ITO coatings
  • Removing dielectric cover material
  • Machining pockets in a coating for drug-eluting stents
  • Forming transmissive patterns in optically reflective coatings
  • Machining day and night knobs for the automotive industry
  • Patterning coating on windshield glass for the automotive industry
  • Removing metal coating from both sides of a polymer base film for the electronics industry

We have the equipment, skilled staff, and expertise to micromachine the following:

  • Aluminum on PET
  • Copper on PVDF
  • Gold on Silicon
  • ITO on glass
  • Metal films on glass
  • Nickel on metal, polymers
  • Multilayer Oxide coatings
  • Parylene on glass, stainless steel
  • Polymers and ceramic- coatings on glass
  • Silicon Nitride on Silicon

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