Laser Process Engineer


Laser Light Technologies is seeking qualified candidates for the Laser Process Manufacturing Engineer position. The candidate will design and execute production processes for customers in the medical device, life science, and microelectronics industries. The engineer will work closely with quality engineers, design engineers, and production support staff to ensure processes are both capable and stable.


  • Develop custom laser processes to address a diverse range of applications
  • Setup laser production processes and continually support operations during production runs
  • Continually monitor process performance and make adjustments as necessary
  • Work in tandem with Quality and Continuous Improvement Engineers to determine Kaizen events around quality and efficiency
  • Train operators in manufacturing of widely diverse products in various metals, polymers, and ceramics
  • Develop custom tooling, from concept to guiding mechanical designer to coordinating machine shop implementation
  • Interpret appropriate geometric dimensioning and tolerancing for each product, complying with customer’s needs and adapting to manufacturing limitations, interacting with customers as needed
  • Write custom measurement programs to verify products meet the geometric dimensioning and tolerancing requirements
  • Design, adjust, and operate optical layout for precision laser machining
  • Collaborate with laser technician in maintenance and troubleshooting of excimer and solid-state lasers
  • Propose new applications of existing laser capabilities
  • Develop new capabilities in micromachining with technologies such as picosecond or femtosecond lasers, nanotechnology applications, etc.


  • Must have BS in Engineering or Physics discipline

    • MS or PhD in Engineering or Physics with specialization in Laser Micromachining
    • Experience in laser micromachining with excimer and/or solid-state lasers preferred
    • High competency in knowledge of geometrical optics, gaussian optics, linear & non-linear phenomenon, laser-matter interaction and micro and nano thermal physics
    • Object oriented programming language, i.e. C++, Visual Basic, etc.
    • Maintenance and operation of excimer lasers
    • Operation of diode-pumped and lamp-pumped solid state lasers
    • CAD design using AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, SolidWorks to design precision planar parts, solid machine parts, and machine assemblies
    • Programming of CNC-based motion systems
    • CAD to CAM conversion for laser machining motion control
    • Design and integration of motion-control hardware systems for precision manufacturing
    • Conformance with quality systems, verification using advanced statistical analyses
    • Programming of computer coordinate measuring machine to test product conformance to Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing requirements
    • Technical communication with customers in a wide variety of industrial, medical, and defense businesses
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