Production Operator

The Production Operator is responsible for:

  • Setting up parts to be machined on one or more lasers and managing the process of machining the parts.
  • Moving machined parts through the cleaning and initial inspection process.
  • Examining machined parts through a high-powered microscope to test for accuracy and excellence in the finished part.
  • Accurately recording all points in the manufacturing and testing process.

Performance Standards:
Work Area/Personal Attire
The work area, and all personnel in the work area, must conform to environmental control standards. The parts handed in this area are delicate and must be kept free of all contaminants. That means anyone working in this area must NOT be using skin lotions, perfumes, makeup, or powders. All staff entering the work area must be wearing the provided environmentally appropriate gowning attire which is designed specifically for dust controlled environments.

Performance of tasks will be judged based on how quickly and carefully the parts are handled, how quickly they are inspected and whether or not all deviations are being caught and corrected, or the parts rejected, before they reach the final inspection and packing.

Accuracy is only achieved when procedures are followed with precision. The smallest defect in one of these parts could make or break the outcome of a medical procedure, a frequency connection, or an award winning photograph. Some of the processes may not make sense, and we encourage feedback and questions, but procedure must be followed in order for our process to be accurate and to meet the standards required by our clients.

Accuracy is also only possible when you fully understand the specifications for each part, and the standard of excellence demanded by our clients. Your performance will be evaluated based on your understanding and rigorous adherence to that standard.

This position requires managing multiple tasks and processes accurately and in a timely manner. In addition, you will need coordinate with the operators on other shifts to ensure that the process is seamless between one shift and the next.

Attitude is also a deciding factor in an acceptable performance. The work requires focus and any team members who are distracting, negative, overly critical, or who indulge in gossip will have an undesirable impact not only on their own performance, but on the performance of those around them. It is also vital that all staff have an open attitude toward feedback from peers or supervisors and always have an interest in improving their performance and their value to LLTI.

This position requires that you communicate clearly, concisely, and positively with the engineers and production manager in particular, but your performance will be evaluated based on your ability to communicate well with all team members.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: From $14.75 per hour

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