When you bring a project idea to Laser Light Technologies, our collaborative process helps deliver positive results through the entire product development cycle. By providing our laser knowledge, problem solving expertise, and experience at the earliest stages of design and development, we can get your product to market more efficiently and at a cost that can bring you a greater ROI.

The engineers at Laser Light not only help assure your part performs to the specs of your design, their innovative and solution-driven thinking can potentially make your part perform beyond the initial design expectations. It’s another reason that supports our belief that the most important thing we make for your project is a difference.

Key deliverables during design facilitation that are essential to your project’s success:

• Collaborative discussions regarding materials, processes and manufacturing alternatives to assist in making crucial decisions early in the design cycle

• The opportunity to leverage our expertise and experience for developing design alternatives and production manufacturing solutions

• The ability to save costly rework in design and prototyping by resolving design flaws before manufacturing

• The knowledge to recommend using laser manufacturing vs. other processing options in the output of precision parts


Collaborative Design Consulting

Our experienced and performance-focused laser engineers provide you with consulting services throughout the entire project design and development process. These services are implemented during the early stages of technical product design and development.

Prototype Development

Taking your product idea from a drawing to an actual working prototype within our laser laboratory allows us to make sure the part performs as designed. This is a critical, fail-safe step that helps eliminate potential manufacturing issues and helps address and resolve possible design flaws.

Manufacturability Assessment

With our engineering and operational assessments of your part, we can validate a wide range of manufacturability assumptions. This provides us with precise costing, timing, and feasibility data to make the best manufacturing decisions.

Manufacturing Routing and Integration Setup

We provide you with engineering and operational consulting to determine the optimal machining setup and in-house manufacturing setup.