We deliver precision.

Whether you’re making a medical device used in surgery or intricate electronics that help navigate an aircraft, each part must be micromachined to precise specifications to ensure flawless operation. With the laser and quality testing technology at Laser Light, we deliver peace-of-mind with each part we manufacture.

Our testing and measurement capabilities ensure the part is manufactured the way your specifications indicate. We use advanced metrological methods in our laser confocal microscope and video Coordinate Measuring Microscope  to meet your Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) requirements.

Excimer Micromachining

We utilize our excimer lasers when your project requires processing thin polymers with burr-free, micron-level features. We employ industry-leading 248 nanometer Krypton Fluorine lasers which are commonly used in the lithography industries and are ideal for high-throughput, high-quality applications.

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Picosecond Micromachining

The picosecond lasers at Laser Light have ultrafast pulse durations so when a material is being processed it does not burn. It’s ideal for thin film applications (<.005”), such as medical adhesive films, ceramic, polymers, scribing sapphire, and glass.

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Nd:YAG Micromachining

Our Nd:YAG laser systems are well suited for micromachining metals and thicker polymers. Featuring Fundamental, Double, and Triple Frequency YAG lasers, we are ready to help with your micromachining project.

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Testing & Measurement

Our testing and measurement capabilities ensure your product is manufactured to your specification. We utilize everything from state of the art laser confocal microscope to video Coordinate Measuring Microscopes – all to ensure quality and the micromachining perfection you need.

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