Excimer lasers are an established technology and have been utilized in the lithography and electronics industry for over 30 years.  Excimer lasers are especially useful for meeting high volume manufacturing requirements with ultra high precision. By resolving features less than 3 microns, we can leverage precision and throughput to serve your high volume manufacturing demands.  Currently, we have 10 industrial-grade UV Excimer lasers teamed with cutting edge motion components and custom designed optical components to serve our clients in the electronics, medical, and life science communities.

Excimer lasers excel at processing thin film polymers, ceramics, and medical-grade catheter materials. Specifically, the direct-write process provides clean removal of polymer coatings such as Parylene and Kapton which are common in electronic components. For processing medical-grade catheters, we design dedicated systems in clean room enclosures ensuring compliance with FDA regulations. By providing customers micron-level precision with contaminant-free quality, our customers reap the benefits of Excimer laser technology.  At Laser Light, we have over 50 collective years of engineering experience in designing Excimer processes and we are ready to help you reach your goals.


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