For high volume, speed and precision at a lower cost.

As the top U.S. consumer of excimer lasers with more than 30 years’ working experience, Laser Light Technologies has well established pulsed laser deposition and ultraviolet light expertise.

The excimer laser’s advantage is large, exacting bursts of ultraviolet light that are unrivaled in size by any other laser. This gives them the ability to cover large areas while maintaining micron-level accuracy. When combined with our cutting-edge motion and optical components, they deliver high-volume throughput. This makes excimer lasers the most cost-effective option for many micromanufacturing needs.

This laser type’s established technology excels at processing thin-film polymers, ceramics, and medical devices, but applications are far broader. We’ll consider your project’s specifications, required tolerances, and additional details before recommending an excimer or alternative laser micromanufacturing system.

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