YAG Micromachining Double Frequency:

Our UV YAG Double Frequency lasers are similar to our triple frequency lasers, but are better-suited for marking plastics and other similar applications.

YAG Micromachining Triple Frequency:

We use our YAG Triple Frequency lasers if your project demands micromachining of thicker polymers and metals (>.015”). High powered UV YAG lasers have nanosecond pulse duration. Ultimately, your specific application drives our laser selection decision.

YAG Micromachining Fundamental Frequency:

YAG lasers have been used extensively in micromachining delicate parts such as stents and medical devices. High precision and the ability to control the depth of the cutting make this an ideal solution for a multitude of cases. For materials that cannot be easily marked with a CO2 laser system, YAG lasers’ shorter infrared wavelength are ideal for industrial applications.

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