Laser Light has recently acquired an industry-leading picosecond laser equipped with an ultra-high precision galvanometer. Teamed with high magnification vision systems, we can process materials to micron-level tolerance. Picosecond technology is ideal for machining thin film medical-grade polymers such as polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or ultrathin foil sheets of precious metals (Rhodium or Silver). Picosecond lasers process material faster than heat travels resulting in a melt-free finish and minimal heat affected zone (HAZ). By eliminating the need for post-processing, picosecond machining is more cost effective than other processing technologies. Through the use of HEPA filtered enclosures, we can process your medical device with the utmost care and meet FDA compliant packaging requirements. Additionally, picosecond lasers are the preferred choice for processing crystalline substrates such as sapphire, diamond, and ceramic. By combining the edge quality of a femtosecond laser with the throughput of a nanosecond laser, the picosecond system at Laser Light is the ideal choice for processing your crystalline substrate.


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