Picosecond Laser Machining

For production quality and speed with melt-free finishes.

Our picosecond laser micromachining systems consistently and reliably produce micron-level quality. To match your project’s unique needs, we start with a basic system configuration that optimizes your primary priority: either quality or speed. From there, we do fine-tuning to meet all the specifics of your project’s unique needs.

    • Configuration for Best Quality: A pulse laser equipped with a short focal lens, for 4 to 6 micron kerf width. This aspect, in combination with precise linear stages, allows us to machine thin metal shim stock and cut features down to 10 microns.


  • Configuration for Top Speed: A pulse laser with a closed-loop XY galvo system including a telecentric F-theta lens. With linear stages, this system configuration can process batches of parts from 10 to 500 without any operator intervention.

No matter what your configuration, you can count on these constants: we build internally and house in HEPA-filtered enclosures. This provides optimal efficiency and a cleanroom environment that meets FDA processing, handing and packaging requirements.

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Picosecond Laser System Advantages