For validation of accuracy and confidence in performance.

You can depend on our advanced equipment and experienced team to meet your needs for quality control, from executing against demanding industry specs to designing your optimal quality control strategy.

Optical Inspections by Staff

Parts micromachined by lasers often have features too small to be seen by the naked eye. Laser Light Technologies has a system to ensure optimal inspections and quality. We provide highly trained staff with your particular quality specs and the ideal tools for performing visual inspections: high-powered microscopes and specialized instruments for micro-measurement of linear dimensions, height, depth and 3D profile.

Vision Machine Inspections

Our four Coordinate-Measuring Machine (CMM) systems, also known as vision machines, use video to identify micro-level flaws with impressive speed and efficiency. Laser Light Technologies utilizes these automated optical inspection systems for testing and measurement of high-volume parts production, ensuring we meet your unique Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) specifications.

Optical Imaging Inspections

Our Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope systems utilize a wide range of individual objective lenses and laser scanning to rapidly generate a 3D profile of any part, for the highest accuracy in both shape and surface data. These systems are ideal for intensive R&D evaluations. They combine the ability to generate high-resolution optical images with comprehensive software that includes GD&T reporting features.

Quality Control Reports & More

As a Laser Light Technologies customer, you have access to a variety of reports and methods to help you keep an eye on quality control, including:

  • First Article Inspection Reports – Before full production begins, we set up our equipment and do a sample run of your part, measure for accuracy, then send results to you for verification.
  • Statistical Report Process Control Status – We provide updates on our process monitoring, so you know what we’re doing to ensure specification-conforming parts and establish statistical process control.
  • Collaborative Validation and Verifications – We prioritize partnership with customers and offer the option for members of our team and yours to work side-by-side to validate production of a new part.

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