Robots and Lasers Work Together to Boost Production Efficiency

When you produce a high-demand product that saves lives, it is important to get it into the marketplace as soon as possible, especially for those who need it the most. That was the goal of a contract manufacturer when it partnered with Laser Light Technologies to increase production of a battery case for a pacemaker … Continued

Adding Value to the Manufacturing Process

A global microelectronics OEM asked Laser Light Technologies to drill thousands of microscopic holes in heat-resistant polyimide film for its industrial printhead components. The dense arrays of holes (17 to 40 um diameter with 3 um tolerance) create ultra-fine patterns that are ideal for filtering applications. Responsiveness to client needs is critical for being a … Continued

Laser Drilling Is Customized to Meet Project Needs

The best way for a medical device OEM to make a high-quality, cost-effective product, and get it to market quickly, is to bring in skilled partners during the design and production process who share their specialized knowledge and know-how. Laser Light collaborated with a leading medical device company to develop a customized process for laser-drilling … Continued