Keeping Pace with Laser-Driven Technologies

Founded as a small family business in 1985, Laser Light Technologies has grown into a highly respected provider of precision laser micromachining services and systems for the medical device, life science, and microelectronics industries. The company has invested in the latest equipment and technology and has the skills to meet the toughest manufacturing challenges today. By sharing its depth of knowledge during R&D efforts or design for manufacturability studies, Laser Light can bring its greatest value to product design and manufacturing, providing its clients with the best possible product at the lowest possible cost.

We understand that your success, and ours, is measured in microns. Customers seek us out, not just for our engineering and design expertise, but also our reputation for collaboration, innovation, responsiveness, and long-term support.

Our customer base ranges from global OEMs and Fortune 500 Companies to new companies eager to make their first product. Every project is unique—it is our job to create the best process for making it, even if it requires developing new, proprietary methods. We bring this level of commitment and expertise to every project, regardless of scope or complexity.

Services and Capabilities:
As a full-service laser solutions provider, we manufacture high-precision parts to exact specifications, in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Our manufacturing technologies, precision laser systems, design capabilities and cleanroom packaging ensure the highest quality, performance and longevity for your products.

We can micromachine a wide variety of materials, including polymers, metals, alloys, ceramics, and customer-owned proprietary compounds. Our teams have the experience and equipment to develop the laser-machining processes that will meet your dimensional requirements and tolerances.

Services and capabilities include:

  • Contract manufacturing—as an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified organization, we provide precision-engineered laser manufacturing solutions, ranging from design for manufacturability to prototypes to high-volume production of complex parts and products.
  • Precision laser systems—laser systems include excimer micromachining (high volume and speed), picosecond micromachining (production quality and speed), and Nd: YAG micromachining (enhanced control over a wide variety of materials).
  • Cutting and drilling—our laser systems provide high-precision laser cutting and drilling, with micron-level tolerances. We produce very small, complex features in a variety of materials, with methods such as direct write, trepanning, and mask projection, with no heat effects or material damage.
  • Wire stripping—our process uses an excimer laser to precisely remove insulation with no contact to the wire, enabling the processing of delicate wire gauges greater than 32 AWG with no damage to the conductor, or leftover residue that can impact performance.
  • Ablation and coating removal—our custom ablation processes selectively remove layers of substrate or coatings from precise locations using only laser energy. We remove a wide variety of coating materials, including polymers and metals.
  • Product research and development—as OEMs design smaller and more complex products, with more sensitive materials, they collaborate with Laser Light to test out their designs and make them better—sometimes turning innovative prototypes around in a matter of weeks.
  • Design facilitation—we use our technical knowledge and problem-solving expertise at the earliest stages of design and development, including collaborative design consulting, prototyping, design for manufacturability, and manufacturing routing and integration setup.
  • Cleanroom processing and packaging—class 100 and class 1000 cleanroom facilities for proprietary post process cleaning and packaging to prevent contamination after manufacturing.
  • Inventory management and supply chain management—provides on-site customized inventory management and supply chain management systems that provides a single point of contact for managing downstream vendors, reducing lead time and costs.

Laser Systems Integration
Sometimes manufacturing in-house is more time-efficient and cost-effective than outsourcing to a contract manufacturer, especially for lower production volumes.

Laser Light Technologies provides the guidance you need to make that decision, as well as help you build your own in-house laser-micromachining system to meet your specific manufacturing needs.

It’s hard to go wrong with this approach—you will benefit from our vast expertise with a variety of laser sources and wavelengths, developed over decades of experience building laser-micromachining systems for our own internal use, as well as for clients. When we build your customized system, you also receive highly responsive customer service, with follow-up support whenever needed.

We understand that every laser systems integration project is different, so we start by listening to you. After we fully understand your needs and product specifications, we can then recommend best laser and motion components for your application, purchase them from our trusted partners, and custom-configure the system to fit your production requirements. Building custom laser workstations include:

  • Design, development, and installation
  • Experienced engineers and technical staff
  • Training provided at vendor site
  • One-year limited warranty
  • Extended service available
  • Quality system for each project

Uncompromised Quality
Laser Light Technologies is an ISO 9001:2015 and 13485:2016 certified company.

We continuously monitor and adjust our compliance, improvement, and validation processes to maintain an effective quality management system, with tight tolerances in the sub-micron range.

Tools include video coordinate-measurement machines, which are ideal for automated measurement of parts with a wide range of GD&T requirements. We often use vision systems to perform automated in-line visual inspections to increase the efficiency of the processes. Our confocal laser scanning microscope is used for application that require a 3D profile of parts to measure depth/height of the features. Depending on the project, a variety of stereo microscopes provide visual inspections. We collaborate with our customers in validation of new design or design changes and also provide FAI (first article inspection) reports and other quality reports as required by their quality systems.

Collaborations that Last
Laser Light Technologies believes in long-term partnerships built on technical skills, collaboration, and trust.

The best way for a medical device OEM to make a high-quality, cost-effective product, and get it to market quickly, is to bring in skilled partners during the design and production process that willingly engage and share their specialized knowledge and know-how, with the collaborative goal of making the best product possible.

Laser Light especially likes to be involved during the design stage to develop customized laser processes that meet project requirements. We work closely with OEM project leaders to determine the best laser systems and materials for the project. When possible, we invest in the manufacturing equipment needed to make a project a success, including automation, proprietary optical designs, and other improvements. By working directly with the OEM engineering team, we can create one-of-a-kind, proprietary laser processes and systems, making extraordinary designs a reality. And it doesn’t stop there—once the product hits the market, we continue to add process improvements that speed up production and reduce costs for the customer.

We also provide the increasingly important ability to quickly scale up or scale down production, responding quickly to sales volume fluctuations, or economic variances, in a way that does not stress or disrupt scheduling and delivery. For example, to help a major medical device OEM ramp up production, we designed a unique, collaborative robotic arm and integrated it into a laser production work cell. Before integration, the production job required several work cells and at least two laser operators. After integration, the same job required only one work cell and one laser operator. This single, strategic upgrade resulted in higher levels of manufacturing efficiency and complexity, greater throughput, and lower costs. This experience and others led the Fortune 500 OEM to select Laser Light Technologies from the hundreds of companies within its complex supply chain to receive its Supplier of the Year Award two years in a row (2018 and 2019) for its “exceptional responsiveness, communication, and meeting our company’s commitments.”

Building Global Partnerships
As microelectronics and life-sciences/medical devices and instrumentation become smaller and more complex, with advanced materials and “smart” applications, laser-processing companies must keep pace with technology to meet customer demands—even building and validating their own proprietary, in-house equipment in order to build one-of-a-kind products and respond quickly to customer needs or market variations.

In January 2020 Laser Light Technologies extended its global reach through a strategic partnership with David Schnur Associates (DSA), a Redwood City, California-based group that provides design and manufacturing services to medical device companies around the world.

“Laser Light Technologies offers highly developed polymer processing capabilities including a range of precision laser systems, advanced manufacturing technologies, and cleanroom packaging, along with an impressive technical and customer support team,” says DSA CEO Barry Schnur. “We’re extremely excited to introduce their expertise to our global customer base.”

This agreement will allow Laser Light to provide its value-added laser-based manufacturing services through other DSA partners in Europe, Israel, Mexico, South America and other global regions.