We are experts at the laser manufacturing of high-precision products.

Spectrum Plastics Group Acquires Laser Light Technologies

Precision Driven

As a full-service laser solutions provider to medical device, life science and microelectronics companies, we manufacture high-precision parts to your exact specifications, in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Our manufacturing technologies, precision laser systems, design capabilities and cleanroom packaging ensure the highest quality, performance and longevity to your products.

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Our Services

Laser Light’s team of experienced engineers and technical experts will collaborate with your design team to determine the right materials to use and what laser system is best for your desired outcomes.


As an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified organization, we provide precision-engineered laser manufacturing solutions, ranging from design for manufacturability to prototypes to high-volume production of complex parts and products.

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We use our technical knowledge and problem-solving expertise at the earliest stages of design and development, including collaborative design consulting, prototyping, design facilitation, and manufacturing routing and integration setup.

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Cleanroom Processing & Packaging

Our cleanroom facilities consist of a 1,100-square-foot ISO Class 5 enclosure, along with multiple ISO Class 7 enclosures. We use these facilities for our proprietary post-process cleaning as well as cleanroom packaging to prevent contamination after manufacturing.

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Additional Services

  • Inventory Management & Supply Chain Management

    On-site customized inventory management and supply chain management systems provide a single point of contact for managing downstream vendors, reducing lead time and costs.

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  • Product Research & Development

    As OEMs design smaller and more complex products, with more sensitive materials, they collaborate with Laser Light to test out their designs and make them better—sometimes turning innovative prototypes around in a matter of weeks.

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Our Capabilities

We have a clearly defined approach to making your products that includes to the highest micromanufacturing precision and collaborative partnerships to ensure optimal results. We’re focused on your success.

Multi-lumen Pellethane™ Tube with OD Reduction

Laser Ablation & Coating Removal

Our custom ablation processes selectively remove layers of substrate or coatings from precise locations using only laser energy. We remove a wide variety of coating materials, including polymers and metals.

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Laser Array Tubing


Our laser systems provide high-precision laser cutting, with micron-level tolerances. We produce very small, complex features in a variety of materials, with methods such as direct write, trepanning, and mask projection, with no heat effects or material damage.

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Sheath with Laser-Drilled Hole


Our laser systems provide high-precision laser drilling, with micron-level tolerances. We produce very small, complex features in a variety of materials, with methods such as direct write, trepanning, and mask projection, with no heat effects or material damage.

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Polyimide Removal from 31 AWG Wire


Our process uses an excimer laser to precisely remove insulation with no contact to the wire, enabling the processing of delicate wire gauges up to 46 AWG (0.0015 inches in diameter) with no damage to the conductor, or leftover residue that can impact performance.

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120 µm Diameter Holes in Nylon

Medical Balloon
Laser Processing

Medical balloons are critical medical devices that require the highest manufacturing precision and quality. Lasers play a critical role in creating detailed, high-precision balloon features with no thermal damage to the surrounding material.

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We Provide

Testimonial - Adding Value to the Manufacturing Process

Testimonial - Laser Drilling Is Customized to Meet Project Needs

Testimonial - Precision Drilling Reduces Costs and Streamlines Production

Unparalleled Responsiveness

Three decades of experience have established Laser Light Technologies as a leading provider of laser-manufacturing technologies. Not only are our technologies and engineering and design skills unmatched, we collaborate with our customers to provide unparalleled responsiveness—in fact, an increasing number of companies seek us out because they realize the value of this critical business trait to overall manufacturing performance, quality and cost.

  • Exceptional Product Quality

    Laser Light Technologies is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified. We continuously monitor and adjust our compliance, improvement and validation processes to maintain an effective quality management system.

  • Guaranteed Performance

    Our high-performing engineering and design teams, quality control systems, inspection systems and custom inventory management programs are why 98% of our customer deliveries are on-time.

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