Meet CEO Frank Hannan

A native Californian, Frank Hannan grew up in Glendale. After receiving a business degree from the University of Missouri and an MBA from the University of Liverpool in England, he joined Laser Light Technologies in 1996, a company founded by his mother, Phyllis.

“My mother was a highly determined and passionate business person,” says Frank. “She rarely took ‘no’ for an answer and was the most persistent person I have ever met. Coupled with her natural energy, drive, and ability to convince others, she was destined to start Laser Light Technologies in 1985.”

Attributes Frank learned from his mother include perseverance, ambition, risk-taking, and selling.

Frank has worked for Laser Light for nearly 25 years. After starting as a laser operator, he moved into sales to better understand the client experience. Later he learned the operations side of the business and immersed himself in production and quality management. Frank served as general manager of Laser Light’s west-coast division in California before relocating to Hermann, Missouri, in 2003. After advancing through the positions of director of operations and vice president, he became CEO in 2009.

Frank takes great pride in running what is still a family business.

“Treating employees the way I want to be treated, and giving them a quality of life better than most larger corporations can offer, is paramount to me,” he says. “We have created a flexible and unique culture that prioritizes work and family balance, which makes us a stronger company. We work as a team to provide a better life for our employees and their family members, and don’t just focus on the bottom line. I want all my employees to be present at their children’s school and extracurricular events, or any time their families need them.”

Frank has built a corporate culture around transparency, open book management, continuous improvement, professional development, and empowering employees to be their best and take risks. He created the GREAT philosophy that guides Laser Light’s organizational behaviors:

  • Grow morally and professionally
  • Respect each other, our clients, and our business
  • Empower personal and professional success with a healthy work/life balance
  • Accountability to yourself and the team 
  • Trust is a must to sustain long-term, prosperous relationships 

Frank continues to grow the business by developing strategic manufacturing partnerships with leading companies that need Laser Light’s high-volume manufacturing services and engineering and R&D support.

“It is important that we do our best to always improve—to never be satisfied, no matter how good things are,” says Frank. “Over the last 5-7 years, I have become a more patient and empathetic person, thanks to the people I work with and what I have learned from them. It truly is a wonderful experience working with exceptional people every day—they have made me a better person, and a better leader.”  

Facts About Frank

Best piece of advice:

“What you put out is what you get back in life. Do your best to be positive and have integrity.”

Recent book:

Blue Ocean Shift by W. Chan Kim

Favorite movie:

Godfather series

Place to visit:

Hawaii, although I haven’t been there yet—it’s on my bucket list!

People would be surprised to learn that I . . . 

Used to skydive and have jumped over 130 times