We understand the significance of choosing the right tool for optimal product output. Because of our extensive experience with selective coating removal as well as laser ablation, we have the equipment on site to handle any job.

In each case, laser wavelength, pulse energy, and the number of pulses determines optimal conditions for efficient removal of the surface without affecting properties of the underlying material.

Selective material removal allows patterning of metal on top of polymer, glass, and ceramic substrates. Our capabilities also include the removal of polymer coatings (i.e., Teflon, PVC, Parylene) from metal surfaces. Plus, laser-based coating removal and etching are more environmentally friendly than conventional chemical etching methods.


We offer the following Laser Ablation, Coating Removal and Etching capabilities for your project:

  • Electrode patterning
  • Patterning ITO coatings
  • Removing dielectric cover material
  • Pocket machining in coated drug-eluting stents
  • Patterning optically reflective coatings
  • Machining day and night knobs for the automotive industry
  • Patterning coated windshields for the automotive industry

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