Laser Ablation and Coating Removal

At Laser Light Technologies, we specialize in laser ablation and coating removal. Selective laser ablation or patterning of coating on a substrate material allows for a wide range of combinations of materials with different physical properties.

Testing your material sample is ideal for evaluating the efficiency of laser ablation or coating removal as well as to establish a set of laser processing parameters and post laser processing (if required). With this information we can provide the most accurate project quote. It also helps us determine the right type of tooling, handling and inspection required to optimize efficiency and productivity to meet your requirements. The variety of services and capabilities Laser Light Technologies offers throughout every step in our process gives us the flexibility needed for your unique project.


Laser Light Technologies has proven expertise in laser ablation and coating removal on materials such as ceramics, glass, metals and alloys, polymers, and semiconductors. Selective material removal allows patterning metal coating on top of polymer, glass, and ceramic substrates and for removing polymer coating from metal surfaces. If you don’t see the material required for your project listed below, contact us about your specified material.

To learn how we can provide the required laser ablation and coating removal solutions for your industry, contact us at 573-486-5600 or online.