Laser Cutting

At Laser Light Technologies, our engineers and staff have the experience and skill in a wide range of laser cutting applications and understand what laser system to utilize for delivering superior results. Our laser cutting process delivers the highest quality outcomes and products that meet the strictest of industry specifications. As a result, we achieve superior quality with clean edges and extremely precise cuts.

We use a collaborative process where we work with you to learn about your desired outcomes, production quantities, time frames, and more. Before production ever begins on your part, we first test cut samples of your material to ensure manufacturability and that we are meeting your exact requirements. The variety of services and capabilities Laser Light Technologies offers throughout every step in our process gives us the flexibility needed for your unique project.


We have proven expertise in laser cutting a wide variety of materials, including: ceramics, glass, metals and alloys, polymers, and semiconductors. We also have extensive expertise in laser cutting adhesive gaskets for sealing various sensors, lab-on-chip, MEMS and microelectronics. If you don’t see the material required for your project listed below, contact us and our skilled staff can give your more information about our laser cutting capabilities and solutions as it applies to your specified material.

To learn how we can provide the required laser cutting solutions for your industry, contact us at 573-486-5600 or online.