Laser Cutting

Let’s maximize the superior accuracy and speed of laser cutting.

Laser cutting is compatible with numerous materials and offers far more control and a cleaner finish than conventional cutting. Whether you need assistance cutting delicate parts to size, creating smoother edges, or creating intricate shapes, Laser Light Technologies helps you take full advantage of all that laser cutting processes can offer to your project.

We combine our widely experienced engineers and technicians with innovative micromachining laser systems and time-tested processes to deliver exceptional results that meet the strictest of industry specifications.

Our collaborative approach makes your project the priority, from desired outcomes to production quality and delivery time frames. After learning what you need from us, we test cut samples of your material to inform a project quote that meets your exact requirements, or even goes beyond them with recommendations for better-than-expected results. We’re focused on your success.


As products, devices and parts become smaller, the demand for laser cutting grows. It’s essential to realizing innovations in the medical device and life sciences industries and beyond. If you don’t see your specific application in the list here, please contact us to learn more about how me can meet your unique project needs.


Laser Light cutting applications include:

  • Cutting plastic film shapes for medical device components
  • Creating profiles for “balloon” embolic protection devices
  • Trimming surgical delivery and guide catheters to length
  • Cutting catheters to length for cardiovascular life sciences uses
  • Creating window openings for sensors in glucose monitors
  • Trimming diabetic glucose monitor sensors to length
  • Cutting flow cell channels for in-vitro diagnostic tools


We have advanced equipment and proven expertise required for laser cutting a wide variety of materials, including ceramics, glass, metals and alloys, polymers, and semiconductors. If you don’t see the material for your project in the list below, contact us to discuss capabilities and recommended solutions.

To learn how we can provide the required laser cutting solutions for your industry, contact us at 573-486-5600 or online.