Our goal is to be the strongest link in your manufacturing supply chain.

Laser Light Technologies has the specialized expertise you need to succeed, offering precise, customizable processes that enhance your bottom line and your supply chain.

We earned the 2018/19 Supplier of the Year Award from a Fortune 500 client for exceptional delivery, superior quality, responsiveness and continuous improvement. You can count on us too.

We pair leading-edge technology with certified quality control procedures to answer specific needs for clients in a wide range of industries including medical devices, microelectronics and life sciences. Orders of every size are important, from single pieces for proof-of-concept to high-volume production runs. Laser Light is focused on creating success precisely as you define it, no matter what your industry.

Medical Devices

Go ahead; ask for greater speed, quality and economy. We’ll meet your needs with the kind of precision and flexibility that comes from working with Fortune 500 clients to deliver micron-level accuracy.

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Life Sciences

Our collaborative approach to micromachining processes adapts to precisely match your needs. We’ve provided innovative solutions for biotechnology, genomics, genetics, and biopolymer development.

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We’re a Fortune 500 top supplier and a trusted resource for many microelectronic companies. We answer needs for micron-scale laser ablation, cutting and drilling processes with uncompromising quality.

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