Our biggest ideas are found in your project’s smallest features.

In a world of high technology and precision driven devices, more products require micromachining. It’s the precise reason for your company to turn to Laser Light Technologies. Our clients include experts in the fields of medical biotechnology, MEMS and semiconductors, aerospace, defense, and the automotive industry.

Our flexible, leading-edge technology coupled with our robust ISO-9001:2008 / ISO 13485:2003 quality practices, allow us to quickly adapt to our customer’s supply chain to accommodate their needs and specifications.

Every order is important. Whether you need a single piece for proof-of-concept or a full-scale production, our team has the solution to turn your project from concept into reality.

Medical Devices

The medical device industry depends on precision micromachining. As an ISO 13485 Certified Contract Manufacturer, we have the proven capability you need to laser drill and cut complex geometries in medical grade catheters and machine parts from stainless steel, nitinol, molybdenum, titanium and bioabsorbable materials used in surgical procedures, implant devices, and instrumentation.

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Life Sciences

Our laser micromachining capabilities allow you to push the boundaries in biotechnology, genomics, genetics and biopolymer development. Our systems create fine features for precision applications, such as test wells or microfluidic channels. Our expert staff will assist you in developing processes, either with conventional or novel materials, for your life science application.

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Your microelectronics project has to be perfect. We make a big impact with the smallest details to ensure success. We specialize in producing micron-scale features, processing piezoelectric materials, and precision removal of insulative coatings – all within a clean room environment.

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