Your project requires flexibility and precision. We deliver.

Bring Laser Light Technologies your challenges. Our specialty is laser micromachining, which we use to manufacture microscopic components for Fortune 500 companies. We have the expertise and equipment to deliver the highest precision and performance in a wide variety of materials.

Whether your project calls for laser ablation, cutting or drilling, you can trust we’ll match it with world-class engineers and high-performance laser systems.

In addition to supplying established products, Laser Light continues to break new ground, from developing innovative medical device products to meeting needs for greater speed, quality, or economy. Please reach out to learn more about our laser micromachining services, collaborative approach, and commitment to high standards.

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Laser Light Technologies has experience micromachining parts for a diverse range of medical devices. We’ve provided a list with some examples below, but it is by no means exhaustive. If you don’t see your specific application, please contact us to explore how our capabilities can contribute to your project.

Laser Light medical device applications include:

  • Drilling for embolic filters in various device types
  • Drilling flow holes for oxygen regulators
  • Drilling orifices in injection-molded, disposable parts
  • Cutting plastic film shapes for device components


Case Studies

Improving Profits with Automation

Traditional methods of processing intravenous line valves were pushing up costs and threatening the product’s market viability for a medical component provider. Laser Light’s business-winning solution was to replace extensive handling and laborious machining with an automated system and an innovative, beam-splitting process. This enabled delivery of parts at a more competitive price point that improved profit margins for the customer.

Integrating Robotics for Efficiency

Thanks to the integration of a collaborative robotic arm, manufacturing life-saving medical devices has never been more efficient. The process, which once required several work cells and multiple laser operators, can now be done at Laser Light with a single work cell and one laser operator. This upgrade frees operators from repetitive tasks so they can focus on more fulfilling work. It also reduces manufacturing costs to increase profit margins for our customers.