Yes, we can micromachine that.

With a full spectrum of laser systems and a team of Ph.D. engineers, we have the technology, procedures, and people in place to successfully deliver your application. From polymers and metals to semiconductors and ceramics, Laser Light can develop the processes for machining to meet your exact requirements and specifications.


When your application demands high precision and high throughput, we have the ability to micromachine almost any polymer to meet your most stringent specifications. Our laser systems are able to perform both acrylic laser cutting and thin film polymer machining with micron-sized features. Our broad capabilities are due to our expertise, variety of laser systems, and customized post-processing cleaning for your project.

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Metals & Alloys

We can deliver the specs you demand for anything from foil shadow masks to steel tubing for needles. When you choose Laser Light, you get the expertise of a company capable of machining virtually any size and shape you specify in most metal and alloy materials – all with clean and precise features. You can always rely on our engineering team to work with you to find the optimum material or design to improve machinability and precision.

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Using state-of-the-art laser systems, we have developed proprietary processes to machine precise features without microcracks or heat affected zones. When cutting or dicing ceramic wafers, we are able to achieve extremely high edge quality your project demands without raised edges or chipping along the cut.

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With a vast array of laser systems at our disposal, we can meet your most stringent accuracy demands for selective material removal. From patterning ITO coatings to forming transmissive patterns in optically reflective surfaces, our laser systems are more accurate, as well as more environmentally friendly, than conventional chemical etching.

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Other Materials

When you partner with Laser Light, you get decades of micromachining expertise with common and not-so-common materials. We routinely machine parts directly from polymers, metals, alloys, ceramics, graphite, sapphire, adhesives, premolded parts and even coated substrates. But, if you have developed a proprietary material or work with a unique composite material we have the expertise and laser systems to meet your specific micromachining requirements.

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