When a part or device is micromanufactured at Laser Light, it is proven ready to succeed in the most demanding medical environments or the harsh conditions of supersonic aircraft flight.

As a full service laser solutions provider, we achieve success by taking your design and validating part manufacturability. Through a consultative process, our team of experienced engineers and technical experts determine the right materials to use and what laser system is best for your desired outcomes. Only then can production begin and manufacturing objectives be achieved.

Once your highly complex micro part is produced, we deliver added assurance with post process cleaning and packing in contaminate free cleanrooms. The outcome is that we consistently deliver a part that functions as designed. We also deliver something else for your company: ROI.

Contract Manufacturing

As an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified organization, we provide precision-engineered laser manufacturing solutions, ranging from design for manufacturability to prototypes to high-volume production of complex parts and products.

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Design Facilitation

We use our technical knowledge and problem-solving expertise at the earliest stages of design and development, including collaborative design consulting, prototyping, design for manufacturability, and manufacturing routing and integration setup.

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Cleanroom Packaging

Class 100 and Class 1000 cleanroom facilities for proprietary post process cleaning and packaging to prevent contamination after manufacturing.

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Inventory Management and Supply Chain Management

Laser Light provides on-site customized inventory management and supply chain management systems that provides a single point of contact for managing downstream vendors, reducing lead time and costs.

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Product Research and Development

As OEMs design smaller and more complex products, with more sensitive materials, they collaborate with Laser Light to test out their designs and make them better—sometimes turning innovative prototypes around in a matter of weeks.

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