When a part or device is micromanufactured at Laser Light, it is proven ready to succeed in the most demanding medical environments or the harsh conditions of supersonic aircraft flight.

As a full service laser solutions provider, we achieve success by taking your design and validating part manufacturability. Through a consultative process, our team of experienced engineers and technical experts determine the right materials to use and what laser system is best for your desired outcomes. Only then can production begin and manufacturing objectives be achieved.

Once your highly complex micro part is produced, we deliver added assurance with post process cleaning and packing in contaminate free clean rooms. The outcome is that we consistently deliver a part that functions as designed. We also deliver something else for your company: ROI.

Contract Manufacturing

Our rare combination of experience and flexibility allow us to deliver rapid prototyping, seasonal demand, changes to product specifications, and ability to find cost-cutting measures to meet your deadlines while adding to your bottom line.

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Design Facilitation

Laser Light provides a complete range of Design Facilitation services that can take your project from the idea phase to a final part manufactured to meet your exact specifications. Our laser engineers can provide you with ideas to improve the design as well as solutions for part manufacturing – all intended to ensure perfection for a part that’s delivered on time and at the estimated budget.

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Clean Room Packaging

Laser Light Technologies has several clients in the pharmaceutical, medical device, and aerospace industries that have stringent requirements including the elimination of environmental pollutants. For them, we have developed proprietary post process cleaning and packaging in our ISO Class 5 clean rooms. Additionally, we utilize class 100 or better laminar flow benches and ionized airflow-assisted packaging to ensure strict compliance with FDA standards.

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