Laser Light Technologies has over 30 years of proven experience designing and building laser micromachining systems. These laser systems are for client applications ranging from medical device manufacturers to defense and aerospace contractors – all industries where failure isn’t an option.

The advantage for you is that we take this proven laser systems integration expertise and bring it to your manufacturing facility in the form of a high-technology, in-house laser system. With it, you gain more control of manufacturing processes, costs and delivery timeframes. Plus, it allows you to adapt quickly to changing manufacturing demands.

Delivering big advantages for your smallest parts.Your manufacturing needs are unique.
That’s why every laser system we build is custom designed and configured to deliver the precision, output and ROI you require. Our team of Ph.D. engineers and technology specialists work with you at every phase of development and consider things such as the latest laser optics and components, tolerance requirements, micromachining substrates, operator usability and interface.

Before we deliver it to your facility, we test it in ours. In fact, we test the laser system until we are absolutely positive that you will get a reliable and lasting solution. It’s this attention to detail and proven expertise that helps you avoid issues such as manufacturing downtime and costly redesign.

Even after your laser system is installed, and operational and technical training is completed, we are still there for you with ongoing customer support and prompt service when you require. At Laser Light Technologies, our complete laser systems integration solution gives you the control you want as a manufacturer.

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